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Welcome! My name is T.J. van Gerven, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and founder of Modern Wealth Builders, LLC.

Are you a next-gen professional looking to invest to make work optional?

Protect your family, assets, and income?

Manage concentrated employer stock positions?

Plan for your children’s education savings?

Create a ‘financial fortress‘ around your primary business or income source?

At MWB, we focus on evidence-based investment management and life goal planning for high earning professionals.

Our ideal clients are tech-savvy and interested in ongoing financial planning.

Helping people identify what truly matters, and how to use their money efficiently to accomplish those goals is Our Why.

Furthermore, all of our advisory services are included in our flat advisory fee.

To learn more about our financial planning and investing philosophy, be sure to check out the DO MORE WITH YOUR MONEY podcast, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube.


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Case Study 1: H.E.N.R.Y

Meet Jessica

Case Study 2: Wealth Builders

Meet Katherine and Eric 

Jessica: H.E.N.R.Y

(High-Earner, Not Rich Yet)

Jessica is extremely busy and advancing in her career rapidly. She’s worked for several tech startups and is receiving equity compensation that could become lucrative down the road.

In the meantime, she’s trying to balance paying down student loans, saving for a down-payment on a home, and maximizing tax-efficient accounts for later in life.

Understanding where her money is going and that she’s using her income in a strategic way to invest for her goals (both short and long term) is her main concern.

She’s interested in becoming informed on her investment opportunities, but it’s not the main priority as she is just starting to build up her assets.

At Modern Wealth Builders, she works with a fee-only financial planner whose only objective is to help her make smart decisions with her money.

She had previously tried working with a financial advisor, but they wouldn’t take her on as a client because she didn’t quite meet their ‘asset minimum’.

MWB charges a transparent monthly advisory fee that allows her to get the advice she’s looking for.


Katherine and Eric: Wealth Builders

Katherine and Eric both have established careers and have purchased several properties. They just sold their condo in the city and moved to the suburbs where they bought a home with a yard for the kids.

Katherine and Eric are both working professionals that are interested in seeking a better work-life balance so that they can spend more time with the family.

However, they want to make sure they’re utilizing their household income to fully cover their children’s education while not sacrificing any of their financial goals.

They’ve accumulated a substantial net worth but have neglected to look into the appropriate insurance coverage to protect each other and their children from potential life, disability, and liability events.

Taxes are Katherine and Eric’s biggest expense. Last year they were caught off guard by an AMT tax bill that was triggered when Eric exercised a large portion of newly vested incentive stock options.

They’re looking for guidance so that they can avoid (or minimize) future AMT and other tax liabilities from their employer stock compensation.

Their employer stock represents a large portion of their net worth, so they’re also looking for guidance on how to get properly diversified over time.

They want to work with a fee-only financial planner who they know is required to give them recommendations in their best interest and isn’t there to sell a financial or insurance product.

Katherine and Eric are both tech-savvy. They originally went to their parent’s financial advisor, but quickly realized he wasn’t utilizing modern technology and couldn’t relate to them.

Their conversations were also almost always strictly investment-related.

At MWB they work with a fiduciary who is there to help them with every aspect of their financial lives. MWB also utilizes the latest in financial technology so that they can track their financial lives with ease.

Furthermore, they like that the advisory fee they pay is straightforward, transparent, and doesn’t increase as the size of their investment portfolio increases.


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