Growing up on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, T.J. felt a strong sense of community and wanted the opportunity to work with, and give back to the people he felt had a major impact on his journey.

The Vineyard community is unique in both its people and lifestyle. Due to the high cost-of-living and seasonality of the island economy, island community members must take the necessary steps to appropriately plan for their financial needs.

For clients in the Greater Boston area, T.J. specializes in helping professionals maximize their employer benefits, while balancing other financial goals such as investing to make work optional (financial independence), saving for children’s education, and creating a balanced lifestyle among other things.

At Modern Wealth Builders, T.J.’s goal is to help his clients build wealth both monetarily and spiritually.

Helping people identify what truly matters to them, and how to use their money efficiently to accomplish those goals is his passion.

Additional Information

T.J. currently splits his time traveling back and forth between the island of Martha’s Vineyard and the Greater Boston area (Burlington), meeting with clients both in-person and virtually

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