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It’s standard for beneficiaries of a trust to not have access to the funds until a certain age (age 35 is common). Because assets held within an irrevocable trust are taxed at higher rates, there can be a lot of planning opportunities to maximize that money (if you’re being responsible).

The first step is to review the trust documents and see what the stipulations are for the intended use of the money. From there, you can work with the trustees depending on if they can make discretionary distributions.

In this podcast episode, I discuss some different ideas for making the most of that money, including filling up more tax-efficient accounts, paying down high-interest rate debt, and even funding a business endeavor.

I also discuss how you (ideally) want to make sure the trust is invested appropriately for your long term goals and needs.

The full DO MORE WITH YOUR MONEY podcast episode is available on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and YouTube.

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