Comprehensive Financial Planning and Wealth Management


First Meeting: Getting Organized and Client Portal Walk-through

Second Meeting: Investment Planning

Third Meeting: Financial Independence and Education Planning

Fourth Meeting: Protection and Estate Planning

Fifth Meeting: Cash Flow Planning


After the initial planning process has been completed clients of MWB are transitioned to a quarterly meeting frequency.

Each review meeting is focused on tracking progress towards goals, following up on the implementation of recommendations, and reviewing any changes to your financial life.

Clients of MWB always have access to the advisor in between meeting frequency as needed.

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Our ongoing discretionary wealth management services are included in our flat advisory fee.

We utilize a passive, rules-based approach that is designed to give you the proper exposure based on your investing time horizon and unique goals.

We take into account all outside held investment accounts (such as employer-sponsored retirement plans) when developing an investment allocation tailored to your specific goals.

If you have concentrated equity positions due to employer stock compensation, we help you create strategies for diversifying your exposure over time, while being mindful of tax implications

Click here for a breakdown of our advisory fees.



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